GSDCA-WDA Herding Program

The genetic roots of the German Shepherd Dog go back to the working shepherd dogs in the fields of Germany. Bred from hunting, protection, driving and herding dogs, the German Shepherd Dog over the centuries has earned recognition as the most versatile working dog in the world.

HGH (Herdengebrauchshund), large flock herding, also known as tending, was developed in Europe several hundred years ago. The dogs work as a living fence patrolling the borders of a designated area while the flock grazes undisturbed. The shepherd dog is also required to move the flock from pasture to pasture, in and out of pens, over bridges, and along roads.

Our new member club, HGH Club Northeast is looking for new club members. Herding Instinct tests are free for members of the GSDCA-WDA.

For more information please go to the HGH Club Northeast web site.

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