Event Results

This page features results from events of the current calendar year and of the remaining results from the previous calendar year. For the convenience of the viewers, the results are published in a pdf file format which facilitates easier downloading and viewing. The results can be easily printed and filed for later viewing.
The show and trial results are separated for easier classification and sorted in calendar year order.

Club Trial Results

2015 Trials (updated 10-23-15)

2014 Trials (updated 03-24-15)

2013 Trials (updated 12-31-13)

2012 Trials (updated 02-02-13)

2011 Trials

2010 Trials

2009 Trials (N/A)

2008 Trials

2007 Trials

Club Show Results

2015 Shows (updated 10-23-15)

2014 Shows (updated 10-26-15)

2013 Shows (updated 12-18-13)

2012 Shows

2011 Shows

2010 Shows

2009 Shows

2008 Shows

2007 Shows

National Event Results



National IPO and FH Championship

Combined Qualification

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