German Shepherd Dog Working Dog Association


The German Shepherd Dog-Working Dog Association, Inc. (GSDWDA) is dedicated to the welfare and betterment of the German Shepherd Dog.

Office Manager: Gretchen Weinzimer
PO BOX 5021
Woodland Hills, CA 91365
Phone: (747) 900-6805
Fax: (626) 608-5723

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To contact the WDA office, please use the new email or call 747-900-6805. The address is GSDWDA, P.O. Box 5021, Woodland Hills, CA 91365.

Submission of Radiographs (x-rays) for Hip, Elbow, LÜW, And OC(D) Evaluations to the SV

The GSDWDA currently offers Submission of Radiographs (x-rays) for Hip, Elbow, LÜW, And OC(D) evaluations to the SV [Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V]. You may access SV radiograph submission guidelines and instructions with this link (as we build our site, please copy and paste): To request forms be mailed to you, which are only available in hard copies as they come in triplicate, contact the office at, and provide your address and phone number. If this is your first time submitting x-rays, please call the office at 747-900-6805.

Tattoo and Microchip Verification on Pedigrees

We also offer tattoo and microchip verification on pedigrees. Please contact the office for this service at You may access the form for this service with this link (as we build our site, please copy and paste): <a href="">Test</a>

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GSD WDA Judges

SV Trial and Confirmation Judges

GSSCC Judges

GSSCC Judges
Wendell Nope
Director of Trails and Judges

David Landua, Ph.D

Breed Survey

Information about the very valuable GSDWDA Breed Survey Program is available in the links section. Please contact the GSDWDA Office to obtain any other forms that are referred to in the Procedure and the Secretary’s Checklist or for more information about the program.



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Other Clubs

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German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada Click for Website


Title Name Email Phone Number
President Daniel Yee (213) 610-0188
Secretary Richard Torres (858) 735-3225
Treasurer Alethea Caldwell Munsinger (520) 247-6685
National Training Director Thomas Schoder (360) 305-0291
Director of Trials and Judges, Region 8 Director Wendell Nope (801) 554-4126
Region 1 Director John Henkel (203) 947-0264
Region 5 Director Ray Cunningham (573) 489-3700
Regions 6 & 7 Director Doug Foster (951) 218-0591
Region 9 Director Earl White (503) 487-6351
Office Manager Gretchen Weinzimer (747) 900-6805